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One of the fastest 1.6

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My homeboy has a jap 1.6 with a dirty WAI,Headders,exhaust,stock piping,a dug out CAT and an 17inch
focals and he ran a 16.8 at Moroso. Anyone got anything better?

Plus he tops out a 120 mph,and what?

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motivational1 said:
What was the difference between run1 and run2? The horsepower and torque cross at the wrong points. I've never seen a dyno sheet like this. Have you tried another dyno shop?
even more funny is that not only are the lines crossing at the wrong place, they aren't even consistant with each other... strange....
R U still considering a skyline? a while back you were talking about it.
wes said:
You do run the 1/8th whenever you run the 1/4 ;)

Anyway my 1/8th mile time ont he 15.8 run was 10.060 at 67.92
Judging by those times, doesn't it bother you that you ran 0-60 in around 9 seconds still after all the work you've put into it?
wes said:

UMMMM, no. Those were numbers before the cams and head work. 15.8 is a very respectable time for a GA16 car. It is even quicker than that now.

As for me, there are much better things in a car than 0-60. Linear powerband that is usable when road racing and autocrossing. That is my goal, not sub 5 second 0-60 times.
I'm just putting it into perspective that's all... isn't 0-60 part of that linear powerband???
Yeah no doubt, sorry it sounded like I was saying your work wasn't worth it. I'd never say that. Your car is great, especially considering my car is like half of yours... I was just pointing out something that's all.
1 - 6 of 59 Posts
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