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One of the fastest 1.6

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My homeboy has a jap 1.6 with a dirty WAI,Headders,exhaust,stock piping,a dug out CAT and an 17inch
focals and he ran a 16.8 at Moroso. Anyone got anything better?

Plus he tops out a 120 mph,and what?

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watch out Chef, You'll be making friends all over the place.

How could you stand to wait to drive that R33. I'd move!

Good luck with all of your future plans, I'm loking forward to hearing about your built GA .

You should post a pic or two of your R33 on this string so we can salivate even more.

I'm down to go to Jamaica and burn up the track and whatever else ya got. Holla. J/K LOL.
1 - 1 of 59 Posts
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