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omega kit

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anyone interested in a group buy fo the omega body kit on anyone who can help me find out where to purchase this kit seeing how ninjacar doesnt have ordering info....please help

on a side note...i have a 97 200sx se-r with sr20de. which aem cai would i use for my car? i've heard a lot of users on here talk about having them but there's no record of a cai made for that model on their website.
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I'm interested

I think thats the best and most popular kit for the 200sx/sentra.
The kit is just a facia right?
do it SentraGuy02

da more info da better!
wOw side skirts and rear bumber are available aswell? I've only seen da facia and its hoTT!!! How about posting some pics of da kit, maybe more people might be interested = cheaper price:D
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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