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I've done a search already which turned up nothing. My household has had many Sentras over the years, the last one though that I owned was an 87, which dies at that age a decade back, I stil lwas in school and wanted to get away from the little Nissans my home had and went Mustang, well I pimped it outm then moved on to a Lincoln. Now a decade later, the Linc died, and is laid to rest, but I was lucky enough not to be without a car, so my mother gave me her 96 Sentra, as she bought a new 2k2 model.

My post is simple I hope, where the heck do I begin to get thisthing to move. Do not get me wrong, it's a good little car, but going from a 4.6 DOHC engine in a RWD full size cat to a 1.6 FWC compact is a bit difficult to get use to after the years. I do not need a F&TF 10 sec car or anything, jsut a little more power to get on the highway, and maybe from there a prpject car if it's worth it.

Any help for a start would be great. ;)

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Change to the SE and slap a turbo, and you will forget about that 4.6L in a matter of minutes. ;)

I understand your point; the GA16DE isn't exactly the powerhouse, and the effect is greatened when you step down to it from a bigger engine. I do not know much about GA16DEs, however I think you aren't going to get any real power you are craving until you slap a turbo, and even then...

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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