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antdagreat said:
hey blownb310 can i get the details on how you built this engine. is that a tbi e16?
***** I built it from scratch, like any good rebuild. I stripped the engine down to the bare block, removed all of the oil galley plugs, and sent it to the machine shop. I had the bare block boiled out, bored, honed, decked, rods and pistons balanced, new oil galley plugs, and had new jackshaft bushings pressed in. I then took it home and ran a rifle cleaning brush through all of the main oil galleries, washed and assembled it carefully, basically per the Nissan shop manual. Then I capped it all off with a brand new Nissan 15M big valve head. No, this is not a tbi engine, I first ran a single Nissan Z24 carburetor on a ported stock intake, and later twin Mikuni side drafts. 'Tis a sweet engine for sure. :D
21 - 21 of 21 Posts
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