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Oil Weirdness

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So I changed my oil about a week ago. I'm not leaking oil or "making" oil
(meaning, no blown gaskets or anything). I changed the oil and filter
and carefully added oil until it was full. I had done the filter as well.
For the record, I know how to do an oil change properly.

I drove it for a day and decided to check the oil for my own peace of
mind and discovered it was over-full. I jacked the car up and let some
out. A little too much so I added until she was full again. Drove it and
got the same thing. I did the drain thing today one more time and now
she's cool..even after a day of driving.

But what causes this? Is there an area that holds oil that I don't know
about? Really weird.

Again, my engine is tip-top. No leaks, No seal leaks, no blown gaskets.
She doesn't "make" oil...or even burn it.
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when you let some oil out was the car just driven? There was probably still oil splattered and in the system. then when you checked the oil it was probably cold and the oil had all settled.
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