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I've had my Spec-V for a little over 3 months and had noticed that as soon as I started the motor it would give a rattling noise. I took it to the dealer and supposedly the oil was low. They did mention that the oil filter has a primer on it. So after an oil change everything is back to normal.

As for the paint chipping - I haven't had that problem yet. My Spec is Molten Silver - so chips would be hard to detect anyway.

Hope this helps.

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the only thing that i have been consistently upset with is my paint job. A black car is a pain in the A$$ to keep clean when it has good paint, my paint sucks. Most of the other SE-R's ive seen look great, mine looks great too, but i can see little swirls in the finish that piss me off. Nissan is being sued by some 1,500 5th generation maxima owners over bad paint. It seems to have spread to my car too.

As for the oil thing, there are some kids out there racing the crap out of their cars and not doing any maintnence then b!tch!ng about being low on oil. If you race all day everyday then you better be ready to fill up the oil. So far in my 3 oil changes i've had no problem. I've had the car since Feb.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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