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I finally finished suspension work on my car. Instead of saving up for AGXs, I went ahead and slapped on my GC kit onto my stock struts. I also installed a front sway bar, took off the blue intake cover, and installed front and rear strut tower bars. Man, my car drives like crap. I never really drove an under-damped car until recently, and I can't recommend it (unless you have like sea legs or something). I was seriously bobbing around like I was driving over 3 foot waves. Visually, the car looks nice, lowered about 1 1/4" front, and 1" rear. Normal driving is no problem, but try to push the suspension, and I got my rear wheels hopping around every corner I took. But fortunately, I haven't found the understeer. I definitely have to find some stiffer struts. Anyways, if you've done suspension work, I'm curious to know, post here (its not in the suspension & brakes section because they all deal with sentras 91 and up).

91 sentra
stock rear sway
Pusar SE front sway
Active Tuning Rear STB
Cheap Ebay Front STB
Cheap Ebay coilover kit (still have the springs in garage)
CG springs 7" 300# front 8" 225 rear
ES Endlink bushings
astreamk1 brand D bushings

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Tokico Struts
Sprint Springs 2" drop front and rear
Pulsar SE front and rear sway bars
My polyurethane front bushing set, all new rear OEM bushings and hardware.
Active Tuning Rear STB
Front Ebay STB
195/50/15 Falken Ziexs on Konig Hurry Wheels.

Hopefully will have a Whiteline lower control arm brace soon when I get off my ass and order it...... :cheers:

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Falken Azenis on Sport coupe wheels (BIG Help!)
eBay front STB

I wanted to get Tokico Blues but I heard they were discontinued (I still have to confirm). Otherwise I'll have to get KONI inserts, and I'm getting B+G springs because the Tiens are STILL not out yet.

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I have the Tokico blues and Sportlines on my B12. I don't think the blues are anything special, just an improvement on stock. I would go with the Koni inserts if you have the money based on reviews I have read.
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