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I know jack about cars but how to check the fluids. My 02 Maxima just started doing some weird ****. Occasionally when driving (normally at lower speeds in town), it starts some sort of weird squeal, it's medium pitched, seems to be based on the rotate of the tires (faster/slower on speed) and usually a knock underneath my car that I can feel on my gas pedals accompanies it. Normally adjusting my wheel to the left stops it for a bit...

Help me! Sorry for being such a ignorant idiot, should have been a mechanic!

BTW: This is not when turning either... it seems to be around city speeds 25-45 mph going straight, adjusting the wheel to the left normally halts the noise. I searched all over and found a ton of information, but nothing conclusive... Any ideas on what to check first and how much the mechanic is going to ream me for?
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