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I have a 2001 nissan sentra gxe. The engine light has been on for some time now since i bought it actually. At first the enigne light was on and it was showing the to bank 2 o2 sensors were bad. so i replaced them....drove for about 3 weeks...and then the light came on again. This time it is showing lean in bank 1 and bank 2..or odb code - 0174 and 0171. now i haven't had the money yet to change the map or maf sensor. But i have taking which ever one i have in this car off and cleaned it. The light went off for about 3 days..then came on again with the same codes. now it comes on and goes off at ramdom.. so now i an not sure if it is the code its throwing or if the ecu is picking up something thats not there. As for symptoms of the car. It has every now and then really bad acceleration, and every now and then on the highway going abot 110 km/h (60 mph) it almost feels like it is missing. I should add that I have had the maf or map sensor out 3 times now to clean it and the light will stay off for a few days then come back on...Also I have checked 3 times now with 3 different people for vacumm leaks and there is none. Any help or advice on what to do next would be great and if someone could let me know which sensor this car does have either a map ofr maf sensor would be great to...

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