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Here in Florida(maybe everywhere) Auto Zone will read the engine code on your car for free and tell you what or why the check engine light is on... I have been told that it was the o2 sensor and would need to change it. before that i have had the 3 stage fuel cleanup and timming checked and the car has ran a little worse.. My Questions are: 1. Would a upgraded Mas air flow sensor (larger resistor) trip or break the o2 sensor so that it does not work properly? 2. Is there a upgrade for an o2 sens. and would it be worth it??? 3. Is the upgraded mas air flow sens. the problem, (i know it is to trick the car into thinking that the air is colder then it really is...)??? 4. I was told that there are 2 o2 sensors, is that correct?

And does anyone know where to get a CHILTON'S book or other manual for the 96 240sx... I know a lot of questions for such a small thread... Thanx for any help, D
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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