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NX2000 vs NX-r vs NX

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Just wondering the difference between a few models. The was a standard nx model released with a 1.6l engine. i believe the nx2000 and the nx-r were both sr20de. Is this right? Is the nx-r a det?
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Not sure, we in the US got two models: The NX1600 and the NX2000. As you might suspect, the NX1600 had the GA16DE and the NX2000 had the SR20DE.

on the jdm market the first nx was a ga15ds in 1990,
which became the ga16ds in 1991 and from 1993 it
became the ga16de.
there was also an nx-sr with first the sr18de (or the ca18de)
which later became the sr20de.
In europe we received in 1991 the 100nx ga16ds and from 1993
on, the ga16de, and the 100nx gti sr20de.
But the european models don't have a vlsd with the sr20de.
In the states you guys only got the ga16de and the sr20de
with the vlsd.

you can look at
and do a search for the nx, then you'll see the same info
as i wrote above.
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NX and NX-R both sr20de in Aus.

Same motor, lucky we did'nt get 1600

i am still trying to work out specific differences between the two (nx nx-r)
and whether the later ones (or the -R) had electronic A/T or Vlsd, also ABS.

I need to know cos i've found a good '91 NX auto

maybe the hydraulic box is as good or better ??

somebody may help here ?? what the case with MX2000, did the get a elect/hydr change mid model (i.e. 91 hydr. and 93 is elect A/T)

BTW i've seen an NX with ABS decals, not sure which year
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hey ride, try to read that link (.jp) its written in a JEDI encryption !!

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