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Here is my problem. I have a 92 NX2000 with a 5 speed. When i bought the car, the clutch petal only engages and dis-engages almost to the floor (but works fine). When the guy sold it, he said it just needs a clutch.

Ok, so now I have a brand new clutch kit for the SR20. My dad and I pull out the transmission, stick in the clutch and put it all back together (just like that).
Guess what? its doing the same exact thing. :eek:

The old clutch didnt look too bad. But we did notice lots of play on the clutch fork arm where the clutch cable connects to the arm. The clutch fork arm has about 2-3 inches of play before the throw out bearing even starts to engage (thus making almost all play in the petal, and does't engage till almost the floor).
Is this normal???

I was thinking that it could be a stretched clutch cable, but stretched 3 inches? thats a lot for it not to snap first.

What do you guys think? Where is all the play coming from, or is it totally normal? :confused:

(and yes, i did adjust the cable and replace the throwout bearing with a new one)
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