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my brother blew up his engine racing an eagle talon. he beat him but 3 days later his engine was shot because his rad. fans wasnt turning on?? well we got a replacement from jdm, got it put in, plug it all in, connected everything. got it to start but it idles rough have to push on pedal a lil to keep it runing unless we unhook the oxygen sensor on the cold air intake but if you rev it with that unhooked it bogs real bad. hook it up an it will scream like a raped ape. now he has nothing as far as power to his interior?? no dash light no ac control no brake lights turn signals nuthng except head lights thats the only thing he can control we had to hook up rad. fans from a toggle switch. i have check everything i can an there is not a singal blown fuse or burnt wire. there is however a couple of wires not connected to anything but only because there is nuthing to plug them into. can you help me????
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