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Feeling left out...

Dang I'm feeling sooooo left out!! But I just can't find a Classic SE-R in good condition.

I just saw this guy yesterday in a Red SE-R and he took off and I could hear that intake start roaring. I cannot wait to hear that sound coming from the hood of my SE-R.

So if you guys see a Classic SE-R anywhere in this area for sale, shoot me an e-mail ([email protected])

I'm looking for something in the $3K area, and preferably not white. I already own a white Bimmer, and my wife has a white Toyota... so we're kinda tired of white cars.

Thanks much!

PS - If AirMattDog happens to read this, I saw your white Maxima at PPI in Burien. Man I love that car... sweet Max!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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