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My name is Jason Kelley, you killed my father, prepare to die. Just kidding. I have an 84 stanza hatchback and it is dirt brown (I have a UPS sticker on it). I got on this forum because I have replaced everything I can possible think of and am ready to attach a stick of dynamite to it. Unfortunately, I desperately need the car to keep my job and graduate college in May. I NEED EXPERT HELP!!! Any suggestions

I have an 84 Stanza XE 2.0, fuel injected , automatic. I have replaced the starter, alternator, battery, fuel pump, distributor, fuel filter, fuel pressure regulator/fuelrail, cap/rotor, oil change, air filter. It runs great most of the time, but I have a strange intermittent problem. When I turn on the ignotion, I can hear the fuel pump steadily fill the system with gas and the car starts and runs fine. When I'm driving it will completely shut off and die even at high speed. When it does this, I can hear the fuel pump pulsating, the car will still fire and try to run, but it will not start. Eventually (sometimes 5, sometimes 15 minutes) I will hear the fuel pump go back to normal and the car starts and runs fine. It will usually go about 2 or 3 days driving great, but then it starts happing 3-4 times each time I drive it. We have checked for spark, fuel pressure, electrical current to the fuel pump, correct timing, the fuses, and some of the sensors. I have also unplugged 1 or 2 of the injectors while it is running, and it makes the car run real rough, but doesn't make the car shut off.
Someone recommended the mass airflow sensor, but I really have no other ideas.
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