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My name is Vik Saini, and I represent a club called Brevard Motorsports. I am writing you this letter today to inform you about an event we are having on Nov 23rd here in Melbourne, FL. This event is planned as a big car show and contest. There will be several things going on, from about 10AM till 6pm. The thing that sets this event apart from the usual, is that we are involving all types of cars.

course there will be some good ISR after the meet.. during the later hours.. there are lots of punk asses' that need some smack down..

As per our club sprit, we are having all different groups attend.
I have already gotten a lot of my fellow nissan brothas and sistas to come out.. lots of the other groups are comming.. Z's Silvia's 240's etc.. we need some Se-R madness We want to have classic cars, sport compacts, muscle cars, european cars, exotics, even low riders! The main goal of the event is to make a donation to the CandleLighters organization. (specifically the Brevard Chapter). CandleLighters is an organization which deals with Families who are coping with a child who has or has survived cancer. They provice emotional, financial, and phsyical support to these families.

The money that we will raise will come from 2 sources:
1 General Contributions (Reciepts will be given to those who donate, for tax purposes)
2 Entrance Fee's (10 dollars to show your car in the meet/contest. 3 Dollars to just come out and walk around)

Brevard Motorsports, and I are asking yourself and members of your group to come out that day and join us in this event! You can be assured a good time, Just think about all the different cars and all the good your contributions will make!

Please email me back so we may work out the details of your participation if any. I really hope your group attends! Check out our website for more information. Maps, lodging arangements food, etc.. all that information will be on our website.


Vik Saini ([email protected])
Brevard Motorsports (

Attached is a one of the flyers for the event

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the webpage works fine.. however its not complete.. sorry buddy.. its all in Flash...

also melbourne is like 2.5-3 hrs from miami.. several peeps are caravaning from there

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melbourne is directly east of tampa.. about 2.5 hrs drive.. from orlando its like 45 min.. due east! think space shuttle.. think melbourne.. maps and further info will be up shortly..

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