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Hey guys, sorry for the late notice....Suby guy here running a rallyX and thought I'd see if anyone on here gets their Nissan dirty ;)

Let me know if you have any questions! (RallyX is AutoX on dirt, if you didn't know...haha.)


$55 Day-of
$50 with pre-registration

I think this is going to be a BIG rallyX...already 23 people signed up through Paul's school alone.

We're in a BIG lot too....last years course at Vallejo was pretty long....this will be at least 30 seconds longer!!!

AND, Team Up TwoMountains will be making their R4 debut!! So that right there is a reason to come!

UPDATE: Sunday's Schedule

* 7:00am-9:00am: Tech and Registration for Stock and Modified
* 9:15: Drivers' meeting
* 9:30: Stock stage it up
* 9:45: First car on course for Stock
* 11:00: First car on course for Modified (target time)
* 12:30: Break for lunch and Tech/Reg for Rally
* 2:00: Drivers' meeting for Rally classes
* 2:15: R2 stage it up
* 2:30: First R2 car on course
* 4:00: Fun Runs (hopefully!)
* 4:30: Clean it up
Also, this is in conjunction with Paul Eklund's rally school going on that weekend as well, so there should be some legit stage rally cars if you just want to come by and check it out.

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