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No start after timing chain replacement

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Any ideas on what I may have overlooked while replacing timing chain on 1990 D20 2 wheel drive pickup? Engine rotates but will not run. I followed directions closely and I'm sure chain links matched marks on sprockets and was on TDC compression stroke for #1 cylinder when I installed. It ran for a few moments when I first completed the job and started the motor but it died after about 15 seconds. I replaced the battery tonight and it ran again but only for a few seconds on my first attempt. After thoughts began to creep in my head I thought maybe somehow I put the distributor in on the wrong stroke (exhaust stroke) so I removed the distributor and turned the crank one full revolution, lined the timing marks and reinstalled. To my amazement it ran again but only for a few seconds before it cut off. It will not start and I am scratching my head. I removed the oil pump again to make sure marks on the shaft and notch were lined up and everything looks good.
I checked compression and looks good just under 180 psi in each cylinder after few cranks with throttle body wide open and fuel pump disabled. I am getting spark confirmed with spark tester.
I am stumped and would love any feedback offered.
Thanks in advance.
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1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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