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No start after timing chain replacement

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Any ideas on what I may have overlooked while replacing timing chain on 1990 D20 2 wheel drive pickup? Engine rotates but will not run. I followed directions closely and I'm sure chain links matched marks on sprockets and was on TDC compression stroke for #1 cylinder when I installed. It ran for a few moments when I first completed the job and started the motor but it died after about 15 seconds. I replaced the battery tonight and it ran again but only for a few seconds on my first attempt. After thoughts began to creep in my head I thought maybe somehow I put the distributor in on the wrong stroke (exhaust stroke) so I removed the distributor and turned the crank one full revolution, lined the timing marks and reinstalled. To my amazement it ran again but only for a few seconds before it cut off. It will not start and I am scratching my head. I removed the oil pump again to make sure marks on the shaft and notch were lined up and everything looks good.
I checked compression and looks good just under 180 psi in each cylinder after few cranks with throttle body wide open and fuel pump disabled. I am getting spark confirmed with spark tester.
I am stumped and would love any feedback offered.
Thanks in advance.
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remove the dizzy and then the oil pump.

put engine at first position..

put oil pump timing marks together and replace the oil pump ,only put 2 bolts back in the oil pump..

now remove the oil pump and check the marks ..

practice putting int the oil pump untill you can do it so the marks stay aligned ..

do not forget to prime the oil pump when you do ur final install

then replace the dizzy...
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you are probably so close to it..

so remove the tie down bolts for the dizzy..

start engine (or have someone start it for you) while you rotate the dizzy -one way then the other -past its normal range...

if you can get it to start and run ..your oil pump timing is still off..

no on the oil shut off.

just take a break and try again later...
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do not go by the cam shaft key way ..

check to make sure no. 1 cylinder valves are closed and then on following turn of crank that no.3 closes..

the f.o. is 1342...
one tooth in conjunction with the oil pump being out might not start..

but one tooth out alone it should start but not correctly run...
very glad you are up and running.

it is hard for some to understand about the dizzy .. i guess it seems like too easy of a fix to be the problem..

but i see it all the time .. just being a tooth off on the oil pump timing causes so much pain and suffering..

good luck and welcome to the club...
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