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No Low Pressure A/C Port

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I have a 2005 V6 Altima, manufacture date November 2004. I have spent the past month searching for the low-pressure port in my A/C system, and I cannot find it. It isn't near the high-pressure port, as with every other 2005 V6 Altima I find. Auto parts stores can't find it, online forums and YouTube can't find it, and even my local dealership can't give me the information I need. Can anyone help?
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I should add that I am a mechanic myself and am certified to operate on A/C systems. This one is just throwing me for a loop. Sheesh.
Somebody has to have replaced your low pressure line with a wrong part. They don't show any different setup from this:
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They did make some changes from '04 to '05. Maybe somebody did some incorrect mix-and-match, then said f__ it and did a high-side charge. We have a saying in our shop, "When Harry Backyard gets involved, you may not find the answer in the ESM." ;)
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Well dang, you may be on to something with that... I was hoping that wasn't the issue (because if it is, then who knows what else they "improved")
The V6 Altima up to 7/31/2004 had an A/C suction hose without a low pressure port. The V6 Altima from 08/2004 had an A/C suction hose with a low pressure port. See the differences in the pics below. It sounds like you need Nissan P/N 92480-ZK30A (or, Four Seasons P/N 55121 on the aftermarket).
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Like I said. 'Ol Harry surveyed his work and said, "F_ck it, I'll put the stuff in the high side." :LOL: :ROFLMAO:
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