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Hi, The car is my Nissan Cefiro (A32) VQ20de. Year 2000 with auto box.
I live in Thailand during the winter & while I was away in the summer the wife cooked the engine. This was due to radiator fan failure. Great!
She had it rebuilt by a local garage without telling me & it ran fine for about a month. Then the problem started just before I returned.
On my return to Thailand she told me about what had happened. I was not happy. I found the garage had put the wrong plugs in to start with & she won’t say which garage she used.
Now the car is not firing on cylinders 2 & 3. I’ve done all the usual checks like changing around COP’s, checking wiring for shorts or open circuit. Nothing.
Now I used a Scope on the output pins from the ECU to the COP’s to find that there is no pulse to both cylinders 2&3. All the others are just fine.
Before I left Thailand, the car was getting harder to start when hot. But it ran fine once started.
I got myself a code reader to see what codes I had & the original fault codes where 21 & 34. (Ignition Signal circuit) & (Knock sensor Circuit). When I changed the Knock sensor these disappeared. Then code 55 came up. (NO Faults).
But there is still a fault that the ECU is not seeing.
Now I don’t know if I’m right in saying that this old ODB system (14pin) does not check Outputs but only Inputs. If that is so then it would explain why no other codes show up. Maybe someone could update me on this info if I’m right or not.
I read on the internet of a guy with the same fault as I have on his Maxima. He was asking one of these so called, ”On-line mechanics”. The guy had tried his ECU in another car & it worked fine. But would not work in his car. He had the same fault as me.
He left the so called mechanic without getting an answer.
Now I don’t have another car to try it in, so that’s out of the question.
The ECU is a 23710-45U62 (A18-F96) with big letters D3 on it. I understand that ecu’s with U12,U61 or U62 will fit this car but I can’t find any anywhere. Unless some one knows different.
So any help would be most appreciated.
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