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Hello everyone,

I am trying to design an adjustable license plate kit, that utilizes the tow hook mount, for the 370z's. I have a Nismo 370z at my disposal and a prototype for it. My research has shown that there are a few different front bumpers and that the Nismo bumpers stick further forward than base model z's. Different stock bumpers I have found:

09-12 Base
09-14 Nismo
13-14 Sport

So I am looking for a little help.
I would like to get an average length for the bolt i will need to machine for the tow hook. If you have a 370 and would be willing to take your tow hook cover off and measure from the front face of the mount to the edge of the bumper that would be super helpful! Please post the year, model and trim of your car with your measured length.

Thank you!
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