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No air through any vents

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2019 Nissan Pathfinder S no aftermarket mods. What happened is I am able to change the mode on the control panel, I hear the fan and it changes speed when I adjust but only a little bit of air comes from dashboard vents and when I change mode it does not change. No air at feet or defrost. I changed the cabin air filter and still the same. Can anyone help me with how I can troubleshoot, it is just out of warranty 6 months ago. Any help is appreciated.
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Would that happen even if I had heater on and no AC? I haven't had a on for a while? I was thinking it may be a mode door actuator, I'm trying to find a schematic or diagram to see where I need to look. When the AC/heat is on I can hear air blowing loudly but I just don't seem to be getting any into the car and I can't change the modes.
Checked it and seems fine, I found the mode actuator, or what I think is the mode actuator up above the drivers feet and when I change modes I see that the actuator doesn't move. Not sure it's the actuator or what controls them are they direct to the controls or is there a module of some kind? If I was to disconnect the actuator could I use a meter to check? Does it send voltage or an electronic signal?
So if I turned the air off and the circulation then how does air not come out of the vents? This has totally baffled me. Thank you for all your assistance
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