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Please tell us the make and model of your vechile and we will match it to the correct kit. This deal is for a Nitrous Express EFI kit new for YOUR vehicle. This Kit comes with everything needed. Kit includes the following: 10 lb nitrous bottle, stainless steel bottle brackets, 16 ft aircraft style supply line, N2O filter, lifetime warranty nitrous and fuel solenoids with mounts, all standard jet settings, an NX patented Shark nozzle, wide open throttle switch, a complete installation pack that includes all bolts, nuts, washers, wire, wire terminals, lighted arming switch, and complete instructions with pictures

Utilizing the patented "Shark" nozzle, these systems are fully adjustable, 35,50,75 horsepower for 4 cylinder and V-6 applications, and up to 150h.p. for V-8 and V-12 cars. These systems require no engine modifications, operate on stock fuel pumps, and require no timing retards. The ultimate solution to make your import a "Rocket".

Q. How does nitrous oxide create more horsepower?
A. Nitrous oxide provides the oxygen that allows an engine to burn more fuel, more burned fuel equals more power

Q. What is the difference between a wet and a dry system?
A. A "Wet" system introduces a homogenous mixture of nitrous and atomized fuel into the incoming air stream, thus providing a perfect air/fuel ratio for each. (Note: this is a wet kit)

Q. How long can I squeeze nitrous in my engine?
A. With an NX system the only limitation is the capacity of the N2O bottle or the RPM limit of the engine

Q. How long will a bottle of nitrous last?
A. That depends on the level of power being produced. The formula for calculating your nitrous usage is: 0.8 lbs N2O X 10 seconds = 100 horsepower. I.E. If your system is jetted for 100 horsepower it will use 0.8 lbs of nitrous for every 10 seconds of usage.

For and extra $55 you can upgrade from a 10lbs. bottle to a 15lbs. bottle. Your choice!

We are your Nitrous Express hook-up! If there is any part you want or need, let us know, as we are an authorized dealer of Nitrous Express. We already have it and its ready to be shipped to you at the best possible price. Just e-mail us with either a description and or part number and we will reply with the shipped cost. Its that simple! Our e-mail is [email protected]
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