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NIStune for B13 GA's!!

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Exciting news!! i don't know if anyone else has noticed, but NIStune is working on a board for the B13 GA16DE which is extremely exciting!

what do you guys think??
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Great news! Now, can they make one for the B14 as well? Otherwise, I wouldn't have to get eManage or a Jim Wolf ECU to do anything else with my GA16DET.
there's one for the N15 Pulsar GA16DE. check to see if the part #'s match!
Well, it would be good if the ECU's are new. since our 1992's are older now, JWT tunes them, but not sure if they fix them if something goes bad. I thought of buying a few older ones to keep on hand in case mine goes bad. But, if Nis-tune is doing packages, does this mean they are new units, and are they tunable with a laptop through the ODB1 port???

Keep us informed. its too late for me, JWt got my business. they do an excllent job on theirs. Price is Key!!!!

Chris 92 classic
NIStune works much the same as JWT from a Calum approach. you send in your ECU to them, and they attach a daughterboard. they also attach a port allowing you to hook up a laptop to tune it, and the programs are available from them.

just out of pure curiosity, since i dont know much about ga16 ecus..could a ga ecu out of the n15 work with the b13? again i dont know much lol
probably, provided N15 GA's are no different from b14 GA's. just, you can't get N15's in the states, so some of the mapping might be different.
could you please educate me on this NIStune? I´ve never heard about it
NIStune - Nissan Realtime ECU tuning
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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