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Terranismo said:
Hi, I have a 1992 Nissan Terrano (non U.S. Pathfinder) with a NapsZ24 engine. I decided to post this here since most people do not check out the Xterra, Pathfinder forums. I need help in deciding an engine swap fro my truck. I have listed the engines as the following and later cite the probably problems of instalation. Ok here goes:

1. L18 head on a KA24 block
2. SR20DET engine
3. VG30
4. VG30TT
5. KA24E with the 16 valve head DOHC

problems with each swap are the following:

1. I know the l18 head and KA24 block will fit but what kind of management should I use? A brand new ECU perhaps?

2. Will the SR20DET work well when I engage 4WD? How will I program it to work with my gear case?

3. I know ithe VG30 fits but not a huge increase in power.

4. VG30TT will fit but engine management is an issue as well as cost for the engine itself. Also have to change the tranny.

5. The KA24E doesn't seem to have any problems with the swap except getting the computer to work with my truck.

6. The RB26DETT will cost too much and needs new axles, diferencials, tranny, etc etc etc....

So please help me out.

Man what a really old post :rolleyes: Some things I've learned about the engine options I put up on my list after searching the net or seeing first hand:

1. L18 head on a KA24 block: L18 Head flows better and no king of engine management problems with my Z24S asi it's carburated with no ECU.

2. SR20DET: Will not fit if I keep my transfer case. And even without the transfer case I may need to punch out the firewall.

3. VG30E: Probably will go with this option as it's the easiest to fit and with some "Kojimatizing" could make out a good hp/tq number.

4. VG30DETT: Will only fit if the turbos are not included, defeating the initial purpose of the swap.

5. KA24E: Have to swap in ECU along with the engine plus do the wiring all for an ubsustancial gain of only 15 hp at the most from my stock Z24S. :rolleyes:

6. RB26DETT: No space, pricey, crazy, what else to add?

I decided just on buying a new truck (Nissan X-Trail) and have put the swap project to the backburner. :cool:
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