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Hi folks.
I am new to the forum.
I have an 66 plate Nissan X-trail Tekna. The electric tailgate has stopped working. I can only close it by pushing it manually. But it will not lock down into position.
I took the car into my local mechanic to have new break pads and to see if he could fix it. He said that more than likely it will be the boot motor and they are over £500 to buy. He also said only Nissan can do it. I phoned them and they quoted me a ridiculous £850 for a new motor but that might not even fix it. They wanted an extra £120 for diagnostics. So it could end up being nearly £1000.
I spoke to a mate and he said I could try and get a motor from eBay or somwhere then try and get a non Nissan mechanic to fix it.
does anyone know anything about faulty tailgate motors etc
Thanks. Kev.
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