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With the debut of the new generation of Nissan Sentra (the Malaysian version of Nissan Sylphy) last month, the original manufacturer has now officially announced the price information of the US model, and launched three models of S, SV and SR at the same time. The lowest price starts from $19,090. (About RM79k).
In the Malaysian market, ETCM previously revealed that in addition to the new Kicks and Almera, a C-class sedan will be added to the local product lineup. I believe it is this new generation of Sylphy!
The US version of Sylphy introduces the V-motion 2.0 front face design with a dark air intake grille, which has great visual impact. The more low-pitched body and streamlined appearance help reduce wind resistance. The 0.26 wind resistance coefficient is comparable to GT-R's aerodynamic performance.
The interior part is equipped with a 7-inch multifunctional information display screen, an 8-inch high-definition central control screen and 3D Multi-Layer seats, etc.; there are also 10 airbags, IFCW over-the-horizon collision warning, lane change blind zone warning (BSW), Safety devices such as lane departure warning (LDW), reversing side warning (CTA) and intelligent fatigue driving warning (IDA).
Unlike Sylphy's use of the 1.6L engine code-named HR16DE Gen3 in the Chinese market, the US model is replaced with a 2.0L naturally aspirated engine, which has an output performance of 149hp/197Nm. The horsepower and torque are 20% higher than the 1.8L engine of the previous model. %, 16% growth.
By improving the strength of the steering, suspension and body structure, the new-generation Sylphy's handling performance has been further enhanced, allowing drivers and passengers to have a more reliable driving experience.

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