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So, i have one intresting Nissan Sunny. Usually they're FWD, but i have AWD. I have seen only two of them in Estonia. One is mine and another one years ago, it was for sale, now i haven't even heard about it.

Made: 1993
Colour: Grey
Chassis: Y10 (Wagon)
Engine: 1.6 litres GA16DE Twin Cam 16V
Power: 75 kW
Transmission: 5-speed manual

*Electrical mirrors
*Central locking
*Lights regulator

At sec it's in quite bad condition, wait for summer, then i can start building it up (at least i hope so).

If someone has information about this kind of car, please let me know.

Unfortunately i haven't any pictures of my Sunny in my PC, so i have to add them later.

Correct my clerical error too please!
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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