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Hi everybody,
I've only just joined on the forum,so i hope the Moderators dont mind me posting a for sale add so early.
I am a member of the GTROC UK Skyline forum, and have again designed and produced a stunning calendar for 2005. We did one last year and due to popular demand, have done another.
I thought that maybe a lot of you might be interested in some sort of a group buy to help with postage. Perhaps the Mods could arrange something for you guys.
basically, its an A3 sized calendar in portrait fashion, brandishing fantastic shots of some of the members cars and also the GTROC logo. This year we are also celebrating the 50th year since the introduction of the Skyline and so have had an appropriate logo designed for the calendar.
The calendar has been professionally put together on quality paper and only 250 have been printed.
If any of you guys are interested, by all means either reply to this thread or maybe even contact me over on the GTROC forum
If you would like to have a look at a couple of pics, please scroll down this link to see a few shots:-
I have also put 20 available on e-bay, if you need a bit more info
If you guys did want to do a group buy, we will give a 10% discount and keep the postage costs as low as possible.
Thanks for looking everybody!!!

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