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I own a Nissan Rogue SL AWD 2019 since February 2019. I do a lot of traffic driving in the Montreal (Canada) area. I noticed that there is a jerk in the transmission when "slowly" accelerating from 0 to ~20 km/hr. As soon as there is a shift, if I drop the accelerator it gives a hard shake.

Now for someone driving normally, you don't even realize this, but for someone driving everyday in traffic, it is VERY annoying.

I've been at the dealer a few times. Initally they though it was a defective Body valve. They changed it and it was OK for about 2 weeks. Started jerking again. They changed the transmission and right from the get-go it was still doing it.
They told me it is a product defect and that they cannot do anything about it at this point. I've had a Mercedes C300 2013 and a Subaru Legacy 2013 in the past and they've never been this jerky. I though with the CVT it would be 0 jerky as it "doesn't shift". I guess I was wrong...

Has anyone else experienced this or could someone with a 2017-2020 Rogue model try this out? Go from 0 slowly until you feel your first "fake shift" and as soon as you do, drop the accelerator and you feel a jerk.

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