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Nissan has come up with an unseen interesting record. The Japanese manufacturer has made the Patrol SUV dance in a synchronized way. We know how difficult and diverse it is to be able to enter the record book. 2018 is another year when we see strong record days.

If you ask why; the world saw that Schaeffle's 4ePerformance vehicle passed back the Porsche GT2 this year. The cars collected on Nissan's sand, neither a Juke nor Qashqai! 180 of the brand's most spectacular SUVs have been put together.

Large 4 × 4s were moved systematically on previously drawn lines. The vehicles going in the double way were directed by Axcil Jefferies. You may have heard that name in important races.

Actually, it's like a fun event. I think Nissan intends to put his name on books for a while. Prior to that, he was known for climbing and mass traction.

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