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NIssan Primera T-Spec sat nav, help needed?

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Hi All,

First time poster on here, I have recently purchased a Primera T-Spec, 2.0 on a 52 plate. Inside the car it has the Sat Nav capability but unfortunately had no disc for it.

I have purchased one on Ebay the code on it is E0E 314R --- 25920 EA25A -- DVM-1401E. After putting it into the car a first screen comes up and then it says disk error.

I have contacted my local Nissan Dealer and they have quoted me £280 for a disk. Is anybody aware of any place I can get one that will work in my car? or what disk I need? I have checked if there are any torrents available just to see which one I need but with no success.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Have the same problem here, although i have the disc.
On disc it's written Xanavi BirdView X5.0 2000. Pretty useless because it's only Deutschland in there. No other discs i have found on internet.
Thanks Mark, its an absolute pain, I wonder if yu can use copy disks?
Still unable to find the DVD for my car, hard work TBH.
Still unable to find the DVD for my car, hard work TBH.
I have a 2002 primera T-Spec as well. As far as I know, its gps should work with any X6.0 navigation DVDs .

The disk should be looks like this:
pics from the ebay item 200254380335

Also you may download the DVD via - Nissan Sat Nav X6.0 2001 Xanavi Europe

Hope it helps
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Hallo, i have nissan primera 2002 2.2di and display writes: "please insert a program disc". when i do this action its starting installing but at the end it writes: "installed unsuccessfully please replace the program disc". nothing is working on centrale console, what can i do?
Xanavi problem

I am having this exact same problem. How did you eventually solve it??? Many thanks
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