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Dear Nissan forum community,

I have a Nissain Prairie Joy 1995 (7 seats, van/station wagon, blue color, 1990CC, SR20(DE) engine). I want to replace the power steering and alternator belts by myself but I haven't replace the car belts by myself before, so I'd like the community can help me with below questions.

1) where can find a PDF copy of the manual/handbook for this car for maintenance/repair (i can't find one from internet)? it is much appreciated if anyone can help to email me a copy to [email protected].

2) to replace these two belts (on the driver seat side), what is the procedure (do you know any viodeo/digram/picture/tutorial URL links from internet)? does it have to remove the drive seat side front wheel and go to the bottom of the car to do the replacement?

3) what tools needed for the job? I did some research and it looks like for this car, to replace these two belts, it only need to loose/tighten the two sets of locking nuts and adjustment rods, am i correct? if not, what else nuts (and their locations) involved and actions taken in order to replace these two belts?

4) after the belts replaced, how to verify the new belts installation is OK? are there anything else need to pay attention during the process of replacement?

thank you very much for your help.
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