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Nissan Lucino 1997 5 speed manual
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Hi to all Nissan experts...
I've been asked to remove the above abandoned 5 door manual transmission, all wheel drive, 1495cc vehicle.
It's had its key snapped off/lost, then ignition removed and buggered in the process.

I intend to use it as an off road hack if can get it going.
Apart from the above it seems to be in reasonable order.

The 6 wire connector is out of the back of the buggered ignition.
It has 2 thick wires. Black/White stripe and Green
The 4 other wires are Black/Pink stripe, White/Blue stripe, Black/Red stripe and Black/Blue stripe (possibly correct on that last one...)

Logically to hotwire it the power feed (most likely Black/White stripe), is, twisted together with all of the thinner wires, mainly the Black/Pink stripe for ignition lights etc
Then the fat Green is touched activating the starter motor...
Is that correct?

Secondly... As a 1997 Lucino will that work in regard to the transponder-key ?
Does that model have that system?
Or, is there way to deactivate or bypass the transponder system so that it will go. ?

Sounds like I'm a crim trying to pinch a free car, that i can assure you isn't the case.
I've been asked to remove it, benefit been if it is able to run, it will get used.
I can take and post photos up here if that helps answer the questions

Southwest NZ
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