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Chen Chang Automobile Distribution Co., Ltd. officially launched in Malaysia, assembled and imported from Nissan's new second-generation pure electric model Nissan Leaf Malaysia. The model is mainly 100% pure electric, zero emission, strong power and quietness. The price is 180,000 From 8888 ringgit (excluding insurance).
The new Nissan Leaf perfectly interprets Nissan Intelligent Mobility, presenting in detail the three major areas of Nissan Intelligent Power, Nissan Intelligent Driving and Nissan Intelligent Integration.
In terms of Nissan's intelligent power, the car is equipped with a new electric powertrain system, with a maximum output power of 150PS (110kW) and an instant torque of 320Nm, providing instant acceleration performance (100 kilometers in 7.9 seconds), and a maximum speed of 155km/h /h (electronic limit). The Nissan Leaf sold in my country is equipped with a 40KWh lithium-ion battery. According to the new standard European Cycle Test (NEDC) test, its maximum cruising range is as high as 311 kilometers.
The model has a built-in two-way charging function and is a mobile power source, which means that future Nissan Leaf owners can use the electric energy stored in the vehicle's battery to power houses, businesses and even communities.
The second-generation Nissan Leaf has a significant change in appearance. It is designed with low, stylish lines and a clear and dynamic appearance. Its iconic features include a new diamond-cut design holographic front grille, boomerang-shaped LED daytime running lights, front and rear combination lights, iconic two-tone floating roof and 17-inch diamond-cut Turbine wheels.
In the interior part, this model is equipped with a semi-digital (LED) instrument panel, a 7-inch center console multimedia touch screen, Alcantara suede seats, electronic parking brake, keyless entry and ignition, and standard features such as automatic constant temperature air conditioning.
The model is also equipped with the world's first e-Pedal electronic accelerator technology (single pedal), allowing the driver to control the accelerator and brake with a single pedal. This innovation helps reduce the frequency of the driver switching from the accelerator pedal to the brake pedal, allowing Driving is easier and more fun.

The new Nissan LEAF uses advanced Nissan safety protection technology to help drivers and passengers improve safety through monitoring, response and protection, including:
· 6 airbags
· Front impact smart warning system (FCW)
· Anti-collision Intelligent Braking System (FEB)
· Surrounding Vision Intelligent System (I-AVM)
· Intelligent System for Moving Object Detection (I-MOD)
· Intelligent Driver Alert System (I-DA)
· Intelligent driving comfort control system
· Intelligent tracking control system
·Uphill start assist system
· Anti-Brake Locking System (ABS) and Brake Assist System (BA)
· Body Stability System
· Electronic brake force distribution system
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