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Hello fellow forum members.

I wanted to let you in on a little secret. The folks over at Nissan occasionally find it important to review their mechanical breakdown claims that fall under coverage for the Nissan Security+Plus suite of products. Nissan does extensive research and analysis of these claims to come up with adjustments of pricing of their Nissan extended warranty (aka extended service contract) pricing sent out to Nissan dealers nationwide.

As a Nissan dealer that sells the Nissan extended warranty to consumers just like yourself. We wanted to let you know what we have have typically experienced. Historically we have experienced price increases from between 4-12%, depending on the year, model and mileage of your Nissan vehicle. This could be a cost savings of up to $400 on some plans.

So if you are considering an extended auto warranty please keep in mind that Nissan will release their historical pricing adjustment to all Nissan dealers nationwide. These new extended warranty rates will be effective on April 1st.

Your Nissan Factory Warranty

While your 3 year or 36,000 mile Nissan factory warranty is complimentary to your new car purchase, it does not provide you the coverage you deserve. Nissan Security+Plus Gold Preferred goes the extra mile by covering belts and hoses, providing Roadside Assistance, Trip Interuption, Sign and Drive service with car rental and in the event of mechanical breakdown, towing to your nearest Nissan dealership.

Be sure your Nissan Extended Warranty is Genuine by visiting: Nissan Extended Warranty

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--Have you checked your Nissan Recalls lately?
--Do you "really" know your Nissan Factory Warranty?
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