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I have a Nissan EXA N-13 with front spoiler and fibreglass combat bonnet
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N-13 EXA needs alot of love, has fibreglass combat bonnet, fibreglass front spoiler, side skirts, rear disc brakes, new handbrake cable, stainless braided brake lines, dynomat interior, new headlights, front custom vented guards, aftermarket power windows, new indicators and bulbs, removeable steering wheel, bridgestone carpet underlay, new carpet (looks crap now), strut brace, Complete car minus seats, all bits are in it somewhere. Also there is a CA-18 DET turbo motor and controller separately that needs a rebuild.( NO TURBO AND NO MANIFOLD) I gave up as I have a VE SS.
Make an offer and message me. I want it gone so my SS can sit in the garage.
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