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I’m new here and not sure if this is the right spot to start this thread. I recently saw some news (it may be old news, but new to me) that Nissan is bringing over the Nissan Cube. I think it looks nicer than the Scion. I see that it has a 7 passenger option and that it can get 35-40 mpg, which is excellent for a family size vehicle. I saw something that they will be making changes prior to deploying the Cube here in the states. Would anybody know what those changes would be?

After looking at some pics of the Cube I saw online I hope they make the version with 3 rows of seats a little longer for cargo room. There is no place to put stuff behind the third row for family road trips based on what I could see. It would be nice if they offer a few versions from a basic version to one that has some comfy luxury features with a little more space. For a vehicle that can seat up to 7 and get around 35-40 mpg Nissan should do extremely well selling them, especially with the high gas prices we have.
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