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Nissan Consult III diagnostic scanner is designed with 4 indicator lights on the device. If well communication is built between the device and vehicle or the device and computer, the corresponding indicator will flash. Following is the solution for Consult 3 if the indicator does not on.
Nissan Consult III (without Bluetooth) no indicator flashes either connect with vehicle via diagnostic socket or connected with computer via COM-port.
If you get the Nissan consult 3 with Bluetooth, and the indicator flashes when connecting with Bluetooth wireless connection, you do not need to replace the R200 Resistance.
Case 2:
If none of your Nissan consult3 indicator turn on when connected to vehicle and computer. You first shorten the Resistance R200. Then you can replace the accessory marked red in left picture to the one (marked red) in right picture.
We will provide the accessory if your Nissan Consult diagnostic system is bought from us. You can buy the accessory marked red in right picture on your local shop as well and replace it.
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