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Hey -
I am usually in the 300zx section but I just picked up a 1995 Altima that my younger brother had, I plan to give to my daughter, Here the beef.

He drove it, radiator popped (at top), blew water out (had little to no anti-freeze in it // looked like all water) Got hot but just for briefly.

My POP's came and did a JB-Weld Mod on the Radiator, filled back up with water, the car drove ~15 miles home (w/ no over heat).

Went to restart and no start, all turns and sounded 'OKay' just no start up.

So I bought the car (for scrap price) pulled the car to my home shop.
Did the Hail Mary fuse check and normal 1,2,3 basics.

When I pulled the spark plugs, it looks like water is sitting in the spark plug holes, I'm not sure it it from water blowing into the plug area of cracked head.

The oil is clean and I hear not noises or abnormals at start attemps other the the lack of fire.

What do you guys think? Head // Head Gasket // Just water from blowing Radiator (has straight shot to this area)

Any help would be great!!!!
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