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I own an auto workshop in UAE and do alot of AC repair on many cars. One of the problem I can't really find its source is the newer altima ac system. Many customers complain of hot air from ac vent to find that the compressor is jammed or got no pressure at all. Ac line full of black burnt oil and complete system need cleaning. We replace compressor, condenser and expansion valve and then everything seems fine until fee months compressor gets damaged again. I found later that there is a problem with ac thermostat that just let the compressor run even if it is cold and when driving on highway the ac line freezes and that what causes compressor failure.

The problem is that i couldn't find a thermostat near evaporator or inside glove box like the rest of other cars so how can I fix this issue? Once solution is to install a manual thermostat and attach it to ac suction line but I want to know if the issue is from AC ecu or there is cabin air thermostat somewhere I'm missing.

Thanks in advance ;)

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