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Nissan 1.6L Valve Cover spark plug Tube seal_ Fix

Finally, I came up with a cost effective and simple fix for Valve cover tube seals on the Nissan Sentra and other models from 1995-1999 with the 1.6 L twin cam engine. Other years may also apply. Feel free to provide any information that I may have missed and I will add it to the instructions.

Little background information: When these seals go bad they will become very hard and brittle causing them to break and leak oil in the spark plug hole.

1. First you need to purchase the valve cover gasket kit that includes the 4- round seals. Purchase a sharp box cutter but be extremely careful. I’m not responsible for any accidents or damages to person or property so determine on your own if you want to attempt this task.

2. Remove your valve cover from the vehicle.

3. Turn the valve cover over. It should look like this (thanks to wilburk for this pic):

4. The middle rubber section of the seal should feel like hard plastic, which is why we are doing this in the first place.
5. Using a Flat head screwdriver and a hammer, break off the entire middle section. When finished it should look like this:

6. Now take your new tube seal

7. Push the middle Rubber section through to the front side of the seal. Note: the outer section is metal and the inner section is rubber (see pictures)

8. This is how it would look from the front view:

9. BE CAREFUL in THIS STEP: Now using the box cutter or sharp blade, cut around the inside edge of the seal. Cut all the way around

10. Once cut, remove the middle section and place it in the valve cover as shown. Be sure to push it all the way in

11. Repeat for all 4 tube seals then push the valve cover in position while lining up the seal tubes.

12. The front side should look like this sealing the tubes and you are DONE!!!

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