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A study of the Legalities.

PoppinJ said:
Ok, I'm still a little confused. When it was asked if any aftermarket performance part would void warranty, it was said that no, it will not void your warranty unless the aftermarket part was the direct cause of the problem. So, say you have Nismo R tuned headers, and something completely unrelated goes out, say your windshield wiper motor. Is it covered under warranty?
First off did anyone understand at all what the Australian guy was saying.

Secondly. Your car is under full factory warranty. The only thing that is going to void that warranty there is if what you install directly causes the damage. Granted directly can be used loosely here though. Regardless, they have to prove that the modification directly caused the problem in order to void coverage on the warranty.

They tell you that modification voids the warranty, and that is true, only if it is the cause of the defect. I.E. They won't cover replacement cams in your head.

As far as the S-tune, as i understand it this is represented by non engine work, and will be covered by nismo's warranty. It's not the nissan warranty, but does not negate that either. The R-tune, is basically engine performance based modifications, in which nismo or nissan really do not want to honor warranty. The rumor goes around that it is not covered if you mod these. And as I do believe there is not warranty for R-tuned mods, but they do not void your factory warranty unless they are the direct cause of the malfunction.

If they tell you it is not under warranty, then you tell them law states that they have to prove that the part is the reason for the damage in order to exclude it from warranty. If they don't comply, you're prolly going to have to either pay for it, and get a lawyer. You will win. The law is on your side for this if they can not prove it. You can make them eat the lawyer charges plus the cost of the work done. Keep in mind before they start chirping to you about how it caused the damage, they will prolly try to make some sort of nonsense about it to make you think it really did. So for this reason you want to know exactly what it is that the part does, and how it works in your car, or get a mechanic buddy that knows.
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