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Just trying to clear up some points here. There are 3 possible, negative consequences to consider when modifying your intake or exhaust, "street legal" status, emmissions adherence and dealer warranty.

Intake: this is not an emissions issue, which is why state inspection doesn't provide a flow-test to your air filter. As long as the O2 sensor is intact, you're good. It could be a street legal decibel issue, but not likely. It is, however a warranty issue. If the product is installed at a nissan dealer it should not effect your factory warranty (including Nismo). One of the biggest differences, in this case, between R-tune and S-Tune is the warranty that the part itself carries. I can't remember which is which, but one of them has their own 12 month warranty. Any problems with the engine resulting from the CAI will be covered by warranty (if DEALER INSTALLED!!!).

Exhaust: street legal is certainly an issue if it's on the loud side. That also crosses into emmission legal, which it may be, but after market exhaust (and header, for that matter) may remove one or both catlytic converters which is illegal to varying levels, depending on the state. Warranty would be a similar situation with dealer endorsed/installed products vs owner installed.

All that aside it will also depends on the mood of your dealer's service manager when the car breaks as well as the mood of the Nissan Rep when they seek approval for warranty work.

I had a "dealer installed" nismo cai on my spec-v, drove the hell out of the car for 70,000 until it sucked up a throttle plate. It destroyed the cylinder it went through and I got a rebuilt engine, under my 5 year/100k warranty.
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