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Just wanted to introduce myself. I have a year old spec v, only 10,000 miles on it. I have a injen intake, and a custom obx exhaust. As soon as I see some thermal cat-back dynos, I plan on scrapping my custom exhaust for the thermal setup. I use to be a member on freshalloy, until the members got frustrated when the car first came out and the lack of aftermarket support...the car bashing started so I bounced. Glad that more forums are popping up, I thought I would never join another forum after the first experince. I figured I would start over with this one, I look forward to sharing info with you guys. I bugged the hell out of injen earlier this year, and that came along. Today I deceided to bug kaminari aerodynamics website, see if I can get anywhere with them. I think the b-15 could use more kit selections, and they made kits for past nissan sentras. I'm after appearance, and sound for my spec v. I'm after a full body kit, and I'm not feeling whats out right now. Theres nice kits out there, but I want the factory fog lights to remain. Which is what I will suggest if I get a positive email back from kaminari. Yeah the stillen kit retains the fog lamps, but I'm passing on it because of the side skirts. If you want to get an idea for the company the website is Looking forward to sharing ideas.

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