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i have the oppurtunity to pick up an auto, 4dr, sentra. it is goin for $200.

i have an integra, swapped in a gsr (b17a) motor and tranny and have done several swaps to hondas and other acuras. so i have a decent amount of hands on experience in motor swaps, building, and prob solving. but my motor experience is in with honda and acura only :eek:

what i want to know:

1) is it a SUPER difficult task to swap in an sr20det into this? can it be done (i mean realistically)?

2) if i get an sr20det, where would i find one (at the best price)and how much for the motor, tranny, ecu, harness, pedal assembly, and other crap for the 5spd. what will i need to install this? ie special motor mounts, ecu (or the one with it), pin specs for the new ecu, etc.?

3) what kind of power would that motor put out (sr20det). i have some older super street (or SCC) mags that go through some of this, but they are mainly into 240sx's.



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thanks for the replies :D

slvrsentra said:
last time i check i thought the gsr engine with a b18 not b17. Any way its perfictally possible. A bluebird puts out 205 with a t25 turbo.
btw - it is a b17a that i have (i should know i installed it myself). the b17a is considered a blacksheep motor because it was only made in 92 and 93 usdm 2dr integra gsrs. the b17a is a 1.7l, 4cyl, motor, 160 hp and 117 ft-lbs tq. the b17a has a shorter stroke and is 9.5:1 comp. the block is the only difference from the b16a1, the b17a head is identitical to the b16a1 head. i actually have done some stuff to my motor, so it is not really stock power :cool:
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