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Yesterday I found and drove (and ALMOST bought) an '05 3.5 SE with 25K miles. The car is in great shape but there are a couple of things that are bothering me about it.
I had an '03 Maxima in the past and I think the front fenders had the vin on stickers on them. I've seen these on other Altimas too. This '05 doesn't have the stickers. There is also just a slight bit of overspray on the hood prop-rod. The car checks out clean for crashes on Auto-Check.
The other things are that the tires - Bridgestone Turanza, which are stock to my knowledge, are showing a lot of wear, less than half of thread left, I'd say, and cracking. They seem too far gone for just 25,000 miles. But all four wheels look like new (as does most of the rest of the car).
The last thing will probably sound kind of weird, but the steering wheel is very worn and has that dirty look around the rim. Again, it seems excessive considering the low miles and how clean the rest of the car is.
Too many red flags? Or too much paranoia on my part?
Thanks for any opinions in advance!
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