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I'm posting this thread for a friend that has a 1995 Altima with some starting problems and engine performance.

Wondering if any has experienced these problems and can help

1. When moist or raining outside the car won't start
2. When driving the car and it hits a bump the car will tend to lose power and want to die out.
3. To start the car you have to floor the gas pedal it runs very rough, backfires and shuts off.

The plugs, wires, rotor,and cap was changed.

A mechanic wanted to replace her engine which seems drastic. I know that this is not much info, so if you need more let me know and I'll ask her.

How would I be able to pull codes from the computer. The check engine light is on and I would like to see what that tells me.

I apologie if I'm asking questions covered in other threads. I'm new to nissans and don't know much about them.

Thx Mike
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